Dear Jamie #1 Reply to your letter

Dear Jamie,

Yay, finally! I am thankful that you and I get to start a bitchy bi-city journal together.

Today is my 10th day in Vienna. But seeing you already half way through your exchange period makes me treasure my time here more. I felt like the time pass really quick here, although there’s not much to do at the moment (school hasn’t start till next week). I was just wandering around the city with a friend. I always have this feeling where if I don’t cherish what I have now, I may lose it without knowing. Some days I felt like I am wasting a perfect opportunity by worrying a lot, the other days I just hope I can get my guts up and step out of my comfort zone and do something adventurous and unexpected.

Anyways, I have been adapting my new life pretty well so far. Vienna is a cultural metropolis where most historical buildings are very well preserved. Walking around the city can you find lots of baroque architectures standing. You will occasionally hear musicians playing instruments on the street. I really like the atmosphere here – relaxing and free from troubles. I could spend all day like the Viennese in a cafe drinking coffee, listening to classical music, and reading a book.

However, there’s one thing I cannot get used to it yet. On Sunday, every supermarkets and stores are closed, except for museums and restaurants which are still open. A local buddy told me that it is because Sunday is supposed be a “rest day” where family and friends will hang out together. With the stores closed, it could be a little bit inconvenient when I’d like to do some grocery shopping because dining out every Sunday may take up more of my budget.

I could really write longer but now I must feed myself first. Until next time!

P.S. I should really write more to you so that it won’t feel like there’s only you posting all along. It felt like you are talking to yourself like you are delusional haha. I am sorry! 😛

With Love,

— O






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