Dear Olly #1

Dear Olly,

So finally we start our bi-city journal! (aka bitchy journal because of you…)

I am so glad that you have arrived in Austria and started your exchange journey!

Now we are all out of Hong Kong and doing something cool (that’s what I hope aha)

Seeing your text saying your feeling of packing stuffs and arriving the city,

reminds me of the feeling I had in late August.

First time feeling strange to leave home,

first time feeling nervous in the airport,

first time feeling uncertain about the destination and the live ahead.

It’s all because I’m gonna leaving home for 1 whole year and

spending the whole year time in America, where I have never been.

But of course, I have always wanted to be there ehehee you know it xx

Today is already the 182nd days staying in the States,

and after 4 days, I will be staying here for exactly half years!

Can’t imagine, right? I can’t believe as well…

Time flies fast and my other exchange friends have already gone back to their home country.

I am the only three still staying for one more semester haha

Everything seems to restart again like when I first arrived the campus.

My semester has already begun and I have loooooots of readings OMG

The college life here is really different from that in Hong Kong

Tell you more next time:)

See, there’s no way to be a short letter.

I type this much again…

Look forward to yours!

Love xoxo

  • J





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