Dear Olly #2

It’s been a long time since I last wrote to you here.

(Tho we talked in whatsapp hahaha)

Can’t believe it’s already half way of the exchange for me.

6 months (and nearly 7 months) have passed.

But trust me, when the 2nd semester started last month,

I felt the whole exchange restarted again.

So don’t feel any nervous or panic ’cause I’m with you woohoo!

I have never been to Europe, so I am always curious about how the life there will be.

Are people really having a relaxing life with a slow pace of life?

Tell me more! I would love to listen 🙂

Spokane is still in winter…we still snowed last week…

It’s one of the snowiest winters woho!

Maybe God knows I haven’t experienced snowy winter before so He gives me that much this year!

I thought we were going to have Spring soon two weeks ago,

but then snow came again last week.

Sometimes when I saw the watery ground after snow melted, I wondered if I like snow or not.

But when I went to sledding again with my friends here for the very last time (we believe that would be the last heavy snow we got this year)

I felt the happiness when I first saw snow and played snow sports.

We went to a country park nearby and it was literally like Narnia haha

We climbed up the slope, a really really high slope.

Lying there, gazing at the night views and pink sky (yea snowy night sky is pink!), everything was just so nice 🙂

Really wanna share that moment with you, but my phone was dead in that COLD weather SAAAAD

But my description is enough for your imagination right? hahaha

I will bye for now, gotta get back to my homework!

Wish you all the best in school and tell me more about your school life!

Love you x

  • J

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