Start of Our Letters

Olly and I always call ourselves as the UNEXPECTED.

We have always wished to do something secretly and then wow the others.

Back to the time when we were still in high school,

we took up the role to put on a carnival booth, hold a broadcast, and make videos;

and also co-ran a twitter account to be two little fan girls.

Last year, we finally decided to do something UNEXPECTED together again

though we did not meet each other for a long long time.

We opened an Instagram account to record our journeys.

Olly’s trip to Australia; Jamie’s journey in the States.

We will probably work harder on updating the Instagram haha

But now we are planning to do something special together

since both of us are studying abroad right now!

Living in two different cities in two different countries in two different continents,

with 9 hours of time difference,

Olly and I wanna try out a bi-city journal here!

We both can type a lot to each other probably because we like to talk nonsense stuffs,

and she is the one who can bear with my messagesssss bombarding her,

and of course I am the one who can bear her long long super long messages.

We will write a letter to each other here every day,

probably a short one, unless we have too much nonsense stuffs going in our minds.

(Well, it is possible, highly possible. Who knows haha)

Don’t know how will it turn out but stay tuned to my first letter to Olly later tonight!

Finger-cross for us that we will persist to do it until we go back to Hong Kong…ehehe

Please look forward to our bi-city journal! (Well, Olly said she though I typed bitchy…)

  • J



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